FOMO VINO is a custom allocation program tailored to your wine needs! Given our limited production, we want to make sure that you have access to the wines you enjoy. By streamlining the ordering process, FOMO VINO makes it quick-and-easy for you to obtain the Avril Taylor wines you prefer each vintage. Simply select the wines you want each year, and pick them up at our Fall Release and Spring Release events. Can't make it to the events? We can ship or make your allocation available for pickup at Times Ten Cellars in Dallas. 

How Do I Sign Up?
Step 1: Select the wines you prefer to receive
Step 2: Fill out the necessary fields on this page. 
Step 3: Pick up your wines at our Fall and Spring Release events in Dallas or have them shipped

All shipping orders will be scheduled for ground shipping (weather permitting) unless we are instructed otherwise. We will only ship your order if temperatures permit ground shipping.  

Information for New Signups
Our 2013 Avril Taylor Cabernet Sauvignon will be released on November 21st. FOMO VINO members signing up for a Cabernet Sauvignon allocation will receive our new 2013 vintage as a part of your allocation. Individuals signing up for a Chardonnay allocation will have the option of receiving our current release (2015) or starting with the 2016 vintage when it's released at our Spring Release Party in March 2018. 

Reach out to Austin Pitzer ( for more information!

Wine Selections

Fall Release | Cabernet Sauvignon ($55/bottle)
Spring Release | Chardonnay ($38/bottle)
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