Dear Friends

We are thrilled to announce that our spring release wines are now available! With a passion for crisp, refreshing wines, we're proud to offer two incredible wines that are perfect for the spring and summer. 


2016 Avril Taylor
Napa Valley Chardonnay

93 Cases Produced

Our 2016 Chardonnay is all about balance and brilliance, and we're absolutely in love with it! This is a crisp, lean version of Chardonnay that is sure to impress. Notes of Asian pear, white peach, golden apple, and fresh lemon are complimented by the faintest hint of crème brûlée and baking spice. (It really ties the room together.) This wine has a brilliant color, mouth-watering acidity, and a long, clean, refined finish. We don’t say this often, but you need this wine in your life.

2017 Avril Taylor
Napa Valley Rosé

61 Cases Produced

While some rose wines have a watery, thin profile, our 2017 Rose features a savory character and a faint texture that bestows an incredible, lasting experience on the palate. This is a savory, dry rose with generous acidity and a clean finish. Notes of sour cherry, pomegranate, and tart raspberry are immediately apparent. Our 2017 Rose will pair with a wide range of foods and should be a great poolside companion! We produced 61 cases of this vintage, and we’re very excited to share this with you!